Enzymes for Cellulosic Ethanol production

A number of companies are developing enzymes for cellulose hydrolysis including Novozyme, Denmark, which produces cellulase and hemicellulase. In September 2012 Novozyme announced it was considering marketing a C5 yeast strain developed by Terranol, Denmark for use in advanced biofuel production (for example, from corn stover hydrolysate).

In June 2013, Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH announced it has been granted US and European patents for 'polypeptides with cellobiohydrolase II activity'. These offer higher performance compared to currently available cellulase enzymes, says Direvo.

In 2009, Syngenta entered into a collaboration agreement with Proteus, France to develop CE enzymes.

Codexis works closely with Shell and Iogen on enhacing the efficiency of enzymes for cellulosic ethanol production.

Dyadic optimises C1 Platform Technology for the development of novel enzymes to convert biomass into fermentable sugars to produce cellulosic ethanol and butanol as well as chemicals, polymers and plastics. Dyadic is currently a party to non-exclusive license agreements with Abengoa Bioenergy New Technologies, Inc. and Codexis, Inc. Following a 4-year demonstration project between Dyadic and SEKAB-E Technology (see DISCO Project) a new enzyme for cellulosic ethanol production AlternaFuel CMAX™ has been succesfully developed.

Biométhodes has developed proprietary technologies within pretreatment and a unique enzyme solution for maximum cost reduction of ethanol production and valuation of all biomass compounds [Source: Biométhodes]. The company also aims to develop value-added applications for lignin.