European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC)

ERTRAC is the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council. It is the European technology platform which brings together road transport stakeholders to develop a common vision for road transport research in Europe.

The tasks of ERTRAC are to:

  • Provide a strategic vision for road transport research and innovation in Europe.
  • Define strategies and roadmaps to achieve this vision through the definition and update of a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and implementation research roadmaps.
  • Stimulate effective public and private investment in road transport research and innovation.
  • Contribute to improving coordination between the European, national, regional public and private R&D activities on road transport.
  • Enhance the networking and clustering of Europe's research and innovation capacities.
  • Promote European commitment to Research and technological development, ensuring that Europe remains an attractive region for researchers, and enhancing the global competitiveness of the transport industries.
  • Support the implementation of Horizon 2020, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.