CEF Energy 2023: call for status of cross-border renewable energy projects 


The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Energy programme aims to provide financial support to meet EU decarbonisation targets by optimising national efforts for deployment of renewable energy and thus increase the security of energy supply. The programme addresses renewable energy projects that involve a physical or non-physical cross-border cooperation among EU Members, and between Member States and non-EU countries. 

European Commission and CINEA are now launching the second call to obtain the status of cross-border renewable energy projects (CB RES status) to become eligible for financial support under this programme. 

The call also covers projects facilitating renewable energy sources integration through energy storage facilities and which contribute both to the strategic uptake of innovative renewables technologies and to the EU’s long term decarbonisation strategy. 

Candidate projects for the CB RES status can submit their application via the dedicated CB RES submission platform by 3 May 2023.  

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