Global Outlook on Platforms and Initiatives in the field of Bioenergy and Renewable Fuels

The SET4BIO Global Outlook - Interactive map displays different initiatives and platforms identified in the field of Implementation Plan of SET Plan Action 8 Bioenergy and Renewable Fuel for Sustainable Transport
This tool is based on the research and results of Deliverable 5.4 Global Outlook. The aim of the report was to 1) identify relevant initiatives and platforms identified in the field of Implementation Plan of SET Plan Action 8 Bioenergy and Renewable Fuel for Sustainable Transport and review their actions and targets, and 2) benchmark them against SET Plan Action 8 actions and targets. This work helps positioning SET Plan Action 8 and IWG8 among other platforms and initiatives and thus, serves as background material for updating the IP8 as a part of SET Plan revamping in 2023. As a result, collaboration opportunities for SET Plan Action 8 stakeholders were highlighted as well as strengths of SET Plan Action 8 and proposed actions for IWG8. 
Altogether 22 European and global platforms and initiatives were identified and analyzed in bioenergy and renewable fuels. The results are browsable by different categories: geographical coverage, dialogue level, type of action, and funding level. Details are available by clicking on the corresponding item.
Further information on each initiative and platform is available in the report, where they are described in terms of their key purpose, members and stakeholders, objectives, and implementation structure, with additional, more detailed data presented in Annexes. Focus on research, collaboration, innovation, and deployment was used as a criterion for selection. 

Scientist Letter regarding the need for climate smart forest management

Over 550 scientists have signed a letter addressing to the presidents of the three main European institutions, alerting them of the deteriorating state of European forests and calling for climate-smart forestry practices – including wood harvesting for bioenergy – to consolidate their resilience to global warming.
The letter highlights the important role that woody biomass from sustainably managed forests can play in climate change mitigation, delivering a fossil fuel-free energy future, and maintaining healthy forests.
“With proper forest management the use of wood for energy is a co-product of harvest and of the processing of wood for products. The use of wood for energy can substitute fossil energy and is a significant part of climate protection policy in all European countries” the scientists write, saying there are sufficient volumes of by-products such as tree tops, residues and recycled wood available to secure renewable energy supply.

This initiative is in line with the action of the ETIP Bioenergy Platform in supporting the use of forest biomass for energy purposes. A high number among the signatories are involved in the ETIP Bioenergy Platform at various levels.

Read the full letter

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Map of National Bioenergy Projects

This interactive map represents an overview of ongoing and recently finished nationally funded projects, where the country is a member of the Implementation Working Group for SET Plan Action 8 - Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy (IWG8). It was built on the base of data collected and published in Deliverable 1.1 (Appendix 1), with the aim to improve the accessibility of results through an integrate visualisation.

Projects are browsable by filters: country, name and value chain. Research results are displayed on the map and in the side table, which provides all detailed information available on each project. Selection by country can also be made by clicking directly on the corresponding area on the map.

This map is a work in progress, and it is expected to be updated and implemented along with further database development.

If you want your project to be present in our database, to correct or update information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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