ETIP Bioenergy Working Group 3: "Future of diesel in commercial road transport" – Webinar 2023 Q2

Friday 09 June 2023
ETIP Bioenergy WG3 - Distribution & End-use.
Commercial road transport (using HDV) shares many similarities with individual road transport (using LDV): even if the European Commission is successful in forcing a regulation, ending up in a close to 100 % ban of internal combustion engines from new sales in 2040, as it did partially with cars for 2035, the truck pool will slowly evolve toward low-carbon mobility (a couple of decades may be necessary to wipe out ICE-propelled trucks from the roads) and transport decarbonization can not stop in the meantime, must accelerate to meet the 2050 Net Zero Emissions objective. This reality forces diesel, the fuel of reference for more than 95 % of trucks, to decarbonize beyond the level attained today (less than 7 % biodiesel incorporation on average in the EU).
The webinar was structured around 3 presentations held by:

Yuri Herreras, founder of the Camelina Company; Roland Dauphin, Concawe Science Executive for Fuels Quality and Emissions; Thomas Fabian, Director Commercial Vehicles for ACEA.

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