ERTRAC report: A Mapping of Technology Options for Sustainable Energies and Powertrains for Road Transport

The report by ERTRAC (European Road Transport Research Advisory Council), published in end 2022, provides the perspective of the research community over the different technology options to address the environmental and energy challenges for road transport. Being ERTRAC a technology platform, the work is focused on technical aspects.
Basing on the Fit for 55 targets for the decarbonisation of transport in general, some research needs specifically related to road transport have been identified.
The document highlights:
  • the need for a diversification of future low-carbon mobility solutions, notably in road transport;
  • the links between the R&D efforts required in each part of the mobility value chain (i.e. fuels, powertrains, infrastructures).
The document states that a rapid and effective reduction in GHG emissions, as targeted in the European Green Deal, can be achieved in an optimal way via a simultaneous, ambitious, electrification of road traffic and the development of renewable fuels.