Brescia, Italy, Italy

Lombardy Mobility Cluster supports and coordinates a project about Dual Fuel Diesel – Methane for heavy vehicle. The project intends to improve the environmental performance / decrease the carbon footprint of heavy vehicles for the transport of goods and people, with reference to the Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission classes, through the adaptation of diesel engines to work with mixed methane-diesel fuel. Heavy trucks and circulating buses belonging to the Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission classes are an important part of the current park, (200,000) equal to 50% of the park in 2015, and will still be 40% of the park (160,000 ) in 2020, since it is not conceivable that short-term reductions of this quantity of vehicles will come soon, where there is (2015) 35% even older versions, which will presumably take precedence over renewal. The proposed technology of mixed methane-diesel fuel is a technology that allows a significant improvement in the emissions of fine dust and carbon dioxide from circulating heavy vehicles (preliminary research has shown a 50% reduction in fine dust and 5 ÷ 10% of carbon dioxide) with particularly economical and minimally invasive means (addition of a "kit" or conversion complex without modifying the engine), having practically no rival technologies in this function. In addition, it allows the opening to the innovative use of cryogenic liquefied methane (LNG), encouraging the development of the relative supply chain (supply logistics, refueling systems, vehicle on-board systems, according to the indications of the Strategic Plan of the MISE) . And more, as a further development, it is possible to open up the use of biomethane derived from organic or vegetable waste, according to a trend that is spreading more and more and that will allow to produce methane from completely renewable sources.