Bioenergy and Carbon Capture and Storage

The concept of Bioenergy and Carbon Storage (Bio-CCS or BECCS) has been suggested as a means of producing carbon negative power (i.e. removing carbon dioxide from the atmopshere via biomass conversion technologies and storage underground). Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is currently at a demonstration phase, and current research is focused on reducing the costs of CCS so that it can be applied to a new generation of clean coal power stations. However, CCS could potentially be appled to a wider range of energy plants, including those incorporating co-firing or co-gasification of sustainable biomass feedstocks (agricultural and wood wastes and energy crops), or even 100% biomass energy plants, biofuel production facilities or biorefineries.

The potential for future synergies between CCS and bioenergy/biofuels production is the focus of the Bio-CCS Joint Task Force led by the Zero Emissions Platform with contributions by EBTP.

Further information on Bio-CCS