Bioenergy retrofitting

Bioenergy retrofitting means the integration of bioenergy and biofuels in existing industrial installations. The retrofit can be the installation and operation of new equipment next to or added on to an existing installation, or the repurposing of existing equipment. It is an alternative to building an entire new industrial facility. Retrofitting enables a replacement of fossil fuels, an implementation of best available biomass technologies, or the production of a new biofuel/bioenergy product. Depending on the retrofit, either the feedstock or the product is changed. The investment costs for a retrofit typically are lower than for building a new facility. Additionally, a retrofit is less time consuming, due to a fast implementation, and causes less production losses. This results in ecological and economic benefits and overall risk reduction.

Bioenergy retrofitting options are numerous - examples are shown in the table below. Follow the links to find further information and illustrations.




Fossil power and CHP


Integration of solid fuel (co-firing)

Burning of liquid fuels (conversion)

Burning of gaseous fuels (conversion)

1st generation biofuels



Inclusion of waste streams as feedstock

Biomethane and H2 integration in natural gas

Cellulosic ethanol add-on

Multi-feedstock biodiesel add-on

Biomass for process energy


Biogas production

HVO for aviation

Alcohols for aviation

Electrofuels (biological and synthesis)

Glycerol reforming to methanol

Pulp and paper


Use of biomass or biomethane in lime kiln or bark gasification

Biomass CHP integration

Anaerobic digestion of sludge


Tall oil biodiesel

Black and brown liquor ethanol

Methanol from pulp mills

Black liquor gasification to DME

Lignin extraction from black liquor

Hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin

Hydrothermal carbonisation of pulp and paper slurry

Fossil refineries


HVO integration

Pyrolysis oil integration

Bio-oil integration


Naphta and LPG (biogenic or biogenic compounds)

Integrated bio-hydrogen production

Cracking integration