State of the Energy Union: Progress made on the clean energy transition and a basis for green recovery

On 14 October, the European Commission adopted the 2020 State of the Energy Union Report and its accompanying documents focused on different aspects of EU energy policy. This year's Report is the first one since the adoption of the European Green Deal, and looks at the Energy Union's contribution to Europe's long-term climate goals.

Individual assessments of the 27 National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) analyse the pathway and ambition of each Member State towards the current 2030 climate and energy targets. The overall assessment shows that the Member States are capable of meeting these targets and are mostly making good progress towards them. The Reports underline the contribution the energy sector can make to the EU's recovery from the economic crisis created by COVID-19.

The increased climate ambition requires unprecedented growth of renewable energy production. Sustainable alternative fuels will contribute to the transition to a more sustainable transport system. The European Commission will soon put forward a strategy for sustainable and smart mobility and is working on initiatives to boost the supply and uptake of sustainable alternative fuels, notably in airborne and waterborne transport.

Please also see the press release by the European Commission for further information.