New reports on funding instruments and industry needs for energy R&I

ZABALA Innovation Consulting will present the SMARTSPEND project’s last two reports at the Workshop 'Financing Clean Energy Transition in the Context of EU Recovery'

29th September 2020 – SMARTSPEND’s project partner, Luca Pira, from ZABALA Innovation Consulting, will present tomorrow, 30 September 2020, the ‘Mapping report on funding Instruments for energy innovation’ and the report on ‘Industry’s funding needs for the implementation of the SET Plan’ at the SMARTSPEND online workshop ‘Financing Clean Energy transition in the Context of EU Recovery’.

Both reports aim at supporting the coordination of the industrial participation in the SET Plan. In particular, they contribute to the involvement of the industry-driven associations and initiatives such as the European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs), the European Joint Technology Initiatives or other relevant public-private partnerships, and importantly the industrial actors.

Mapping report on funding instruments for energy innovation

This report provides an outlook of the available funding instruments for energy First of a Kind projects. The report guides the reader through available public (transnational, national and regional), and private funding instruments.

Industry’s funding needs for the implementation of the SET Plan

For this report, the authors identified industrial stakeholders from 11 sectors of the SET Plan implementation plans, covering: Materials, Bioenergy, Photovoltaics, Deep Geothermal, Energy Storage, Energy-efficient Buildings, Energy-efficient industry, Renewable Heating and Cooling, Ocean, Smart Networks, Wind.

The document provides a series of conclusions based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the industry’s experience on funding mechanisms and entities including main constraints (bureaucratic, administrative, legal) which can compromise the regular execution of R&I activities and implementation of the SET Plan.

Workshop 'Financing Clean Energy Transition in the Context of EU Recovery'

The SMARTSPEND online workshop takes place on 3oth September 2020 from 11 am to 3 pm. Its program is designed to learn about public and private financing opportunities for clean energy projects. Today registration is still possible via the event website.

Clean energy innovators, national, regional and European policymakers, public and private funding experts and industry representatives will exchange inputs on the current funding for clean energy in Europe and what to expect in the upcoming recovery.

SMARTSPEND is working on six reports, which will be disseminated to national governments and organisations interested in developing new innovative energy technology. All SMARTSPEND’s reports are available at  Stay informed about SMARTSPEND latest news by following the hashtag #SMARTSPEND_EU on Twitter and LinkedIn and by subscribing to the project newsletter via this link.

SMARTSPEND in bullet points:

  • 3-year-project (2018-2021) developed by 11 expert partners from all over Europe
  • Goal: more efficient and effective use of the national and European funding for Research, Development & Innovation in the energy sector
  • Objectives:
    • to foster efficiency in allocation of public & private funding
    • to better inform stakeholders through the preparation and dissemination of six reports; and dissemination based on engagement with policy makers
  • SMARTSPEND’s leaflet and logo are available here:

Project scientific coordinator: Greg Arrowsmith, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communications contact: Lourdes Laín, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SMARTSPEND partners and sectors:

SMARTSPEND’s partners were chosen because of their links to companies and research centres in particular clean energy fields. This will allow the results of the project to be disseminated widely, including: analysis of industry funding needs; a map of funding instruments for energy innovation; recommendations for alternative models of sectoral organisation at EU level, and recommendations on supporting innovation in energy technology:

  • EUREC - The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres: scientific coordinator
  • CIRCE Foundation - Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption): process industry
  • EASE - European Association for Storage of Energy: energy storage
  • ECTP – European Construction Technology Platform: energy-efficient buildings and construction
  • EGEC - European Geothermal Energy Council: geothermal energy
  • EMIRI - Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative: advanced materials for clean energy and clean mobility technologies
  • ESTELA - European Solar Thermal Electricity Association: Concentrated Solar Power
  • Ocean Energy Europe: Ocean Energy
  • The German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) – bioenergy
  • WIP Renewable Energies: photovoltaics
  • ZABALA Innovation Consulting: smart energy networks