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Fact Sheets

The fact sheets aim to provide the public with understandable information on innovative biofuels technologies and processes. The fact sheets provide an overview on the different biofuels and the production facilities, while their value chains indicate which technologies are being applied by companies, and country fact sheets give an short overview of biofuels in 10 countries.

The target group are people who are familiar with biofuels and have some scientific knowledge, but are not technical experts.

Latest factsheets



pdfTorrefied pellets

pdfHydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO)

pdfPyrolysis Oil

pdfBioenergy in Europe



Factsheets by sector

pdfAviation biofuels (216 Kb)

pdfMarine biofuels (359 Kb)

pdfBioenergy RES hybrid facilities (273 Kb)

pdfBiomass CHP facilities (333 Kb)

pdfBiorefinery concepts (273 Kb)



pdfSet of 5 EBTP Biofuels Factsheets (1030 Kb - February 2016)

pdfDME (602 Kb)    html version

pdfEthanol (114 Kb)    html version

pdfFAME (110 Kb)    html version

pdfMethanol (107 Kb)    html version

pdfSynthetic hydrocarbons (112 Kb)    html version

Production facilities

pdfSet of 3 EBTP Production Facility Factsheets (1058 Kb - April 2016)

pdfBorregaard (415 Kb)

pdfBeta Renewables (436 Kb)

pdfUPM (388 Kb)    html version


Value chains

The 7 value chains follow the classification set by the:

pdfEuropean Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) – Boosting the Contribution of Bioenergy to the EU Climate and Energy ambitions –Implementation Plan 2013-2017

You can find out more by downloading the fact sheets, clicking on the links below, or selecting options from the Fuels & Conversion menu at the top of each page of this website.

pdfSet of 7 EBTP Value Chain Factsheets (1093 Kb - August 2016)

Thermochemical value chains

pdfFact Sheet #1 Biomass to Liquids (180 Kb)
     also see
Biomass to Liquids (BtL)

pdfFact Sheet #2 Biomass to Gas (172 Kb)
     also see
Bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) and Gasification Technologies

pdfFact Sheet #3 Power and Heat via Gasification (101 Kb)
     also see
Biomass heat and power and bioelectricity for transport

pdf Fact Sheet #4 Torrefaction and Pyrolysis (157 Kb)
     also see
Torrefaction and Pyrolysis

Biochemical value chains

pdf Fact Sheet #5 Sugar to Alcohols (177 Kb)
     also see
Conventional ethanol | Cellulosic ethanol

pdf Fact Sheet #6 Sugar to Hydrocarbons (246 Kb)
     also see
Biobutanol | Hydrocarbons via chemical catalysis of plant sugars

pdf Fact Sheet #7 Aquatic Biomass (353 Kb)
     also see
Algal biofuels

Country Fact Sheets

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Croatia (Updated in 2020) (220 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Finland (Updated in 2021) (203 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in France (Updated in 2021) (452 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Germany (Updated in 2020) (626 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Hungary (Updated in 2020) (206 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in the Netherlands (Updated in 2021) (302 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Romania (Updated in 2020) (202 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Serbia (Updated in 2020) (204 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Sweden (Updated in 2021) (431 Kb)

pdf Fact sheet: Bioenergy in Ukraine (Updated in 2021) (233 Kb)



Here you can find several HOW TO Guides which shall help if you search for:

1. pdf Patents (2097 Kb - December 2019)
2. pdf Publications (2111 Kb - December 2019)
3. pdf Research Projects (1721 Kb - December 2019)

These sheets contain information that can support a more efficient search by providing e.g. specific links or a list of keywords relevant in the field of bioenergy.