ETIP Bioenergy Working Group 3: "Higher Renewable Blends in Gasoline: Compatibility" – Webinar 2023 Q1

Friday 10 March 2023
ETIP Bioenergy WG3 - Distribution & End-use.
The webinar was intended to debate about the ways and means to increase the decarbonization of gasoline in the context of the EU car pool, which will remain populated with Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEV) for many years, decades possibly, even if the ICE technology is de facto banned in 2035 by the EU zero-emission regulation for new vehicles.
The webinar was structured around 5 presentations held by:
Kristy Moore, leading consultant on renewable fuels and chemicals; Reid Wagner, Nebraska Ethanol Board; Roland Dauphin, Concawe; Norbert Neumann, BP; Dorothée Lahaussois, Toyota Motor Europe.

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