Agency for Rural Development of Istria

Pazin, Croatia

Agency for Rural Development of Istria was founded in 2003 with the task of acting as a link between the public and private sectors and to prepare and implement projects in the rural area; AZRRI is the first agency of this kind in Croatia specifically entrusted with coordinating production activities in the rural area of Istria.

The Agency's objective is promoting economic development programmes in rural Istria.

The founder of the Agency is the Istrian County with a 100% share.

AZZRI operates in the fields of agriculture, hunting, forestry, fisheries, creating and implementing economic development programmes and projects in the following areas:

• Research and development – collection, processing and statistical analysis of data related to rural areas and activities therein, elaboration of scientific projects for the development of rural areas, holding presentations

• Strategic planning – drawing up strategic development programmes for Istria County

• Project preparation – elaborating projects, selection and coordination of partners, drawing up final documents

• Project implementation – team selection and creation, candidate training, implementation coordination, activity supervision, final evaluation  

• Managing economic development programmes – implementation and management of programmes in rural areas of Istria

• Promotion of Istria County – participation in national and international fairs, promotion of typical Istrian products

• Farmer training – seminars, information about tenders, improving the level of practical knowledge, consultancy services