Wageningen University & Research Centre - AFSG

Wageningen, Netherlands

Has extensive experience in the research field of biobased materials and bioenergy carrying out fundamental and applied research to develop sustainable alternatives and innovative applications from biomass. Activities cover many aspects of the Biobased Economy: Sustainable Biomass Production, Biomass Logistics, Pretreatment, Bioconversion and Biofuels. Examples include the development of switchgrass as an energy crop in Europe, introduction of Willow, Miscanthus and Hemp as energy crops, and combination of land farming with willow. Also working on lignocellulose conversion using a combination of chemical and physical steps for size reduction and modification of the plant matrix to facilitate enzymatic hydrolysis. Challenges include the production of sugar-destructing inhibitors, the regeneration of stock chemicals, and the efficient utilisation of inorganic waste streams. Also looking at bioethanol and butanol for the automotive industry in terms of value-adding to organic waste streams and the production of bio-hydrogen for fuel cell applications, as well as algal biofuels and biorefineries. Policy research includes socio-economic impact of biofuel productions, public perception and ethical aspects of biomass utilization, as well as chain management and studies on the sustainability of alternative fuels from 'cradle to grave' Life Cycle Analysis.

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