"New Biofuels 2015" Symposium


The Symposium "New Biofuels 2015" is hosted by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR). It aims to evaluate the state of the art in respect of biofuels that have not yet been launched on the market, and to discuss possible development lines

In addition to presenting the results of projects funded by the BMEL, the symposium will feature speeches by international and national experts. The programme includes pesentations on:

  • Biofuel R&D funding and sustainability: the BMEL’s point of view
  • Goals of biofuel R&D funding: the European viewpoint
  • Roadmap “Energy Carriers for Powertrains”
  • Biofuels – State of the Art and future developments
  • Future requirements for motor fuels for road transport
  • Potentials of higher alcohols and oxygenates for internal combustion engines
  • (Bio)fuels: special requirements of the aviation sector
  • Future Marine Fuels
  • "Ready to use" - hydrocarbon-based fuels from biomass
  • The Bio-oil Refinery
  • The Neste Oil process: Biofuels for road transport and aviation
  • From algae oils to bio-kerosene
  • Bioliq – state of development and outlook
  • "Drop-in fuels" – biotechnolocial pathways for hydrocarbons – state of the art and future prospects
  • Methane from biomass - CNG/LNG via thermochemical pathways
  • "Future Oxygenates" – oxygen containing fuel constituents from biomass
  • Alcohols from biomass – processes and current developments
  • Ethanol from algae – a novel production route
  • Butanol from lignocellulose
  • Ethers and other biomass-based oxygenates as fuel components
2-3 March 2015