8th SGC International Seminar on Gasification


SGC International Seminar on Gasification 2014 has a clear industrial and technical focus directed towards biomass and waste gasification for the production of various biofuels, biochemicals, heat and power and other related topics. The latest R&D, the status of and valuable operation experience gained from several on-going large industrial projects and demonstration plants will be shared and discussed from a technical and a socio-economic perspective. The different aspects of biomass gasification will be covered by oral presentations and a panel discussion aimed to highlight and further clarify existing obstacles and opportunities along the whole value chain from fuel feed-stock to final product utilization.

Examples of topics/plants/projects to be presented and discussed at the conference are:

• Biomass sourcing and trade marketing
• The GoBiGas 20 MW biomethane plant in Gothenburg (Sweden)
• The 160 MW thermal waste gasifier in Lahti (Finland)
• The Enerkem bio-ethanol plant at Edmonton (Canada)
• The DONG Pyoneer co-firing pilot plant in Kalundborg (Denmark)
• The 83 MW co-firing plant in Essent (Netherlands)
• The GAYA-project (France)
• The role and the status of biomass gasification in China
• Recent R&D from Haldor Topsoe (Denmark), Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
• Gas quality specifications for grid injection
• The future role of biomass gasification from the viewpoint of the forest and the chemical industry

15-16 October 2014