Biomass for energy purposes - True and false about climate impact


Currently, use of biomass for energy purposes, such as fuel production, is widely and intensively debated in the European Union by forestry and agriculture representatives, researchers, decision-makers, NGOs and many others. Many claims are asserted with determination, but what is true and what is false?

Certain questions keep recurring: Is extraction of biomass sustainable from a climate perspective? Is there biomass enough to provide for the many different needs? And what about biological diversity, can it be secured?

This webinar presents current research on these topics with the aim of broadening and deepening the knowledge base for the ongoing debate. Sweden will serve as a concrete example. 

The webinar is organized jointly by ETIP Bioenergy, IEA Bioenergy and Renewable transportation fuels and systems, a collaborative research program financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels.

This event will be digital. Webinar platform TBD. 
10 December 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CET 


ETIP Bioenergy, IEA Bioenergy, SEA, F3
10 December 2021