The Brazilian Bioenergy Science and Technology Conference and the 20-country Biofuture Platform multilateral initiative have joined forces to bring the world´s very best in policies, innovation, science and market outlook in the bioenergy and bioeconomy sectors to Brazil, in a landmark event which will take place from May 24-26th, 2021. This unique event will combine two different conferences in one: the second Biofuture Platform policy conference (BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II), and the fourth edition of the Brazilian Bioenergy Science and Technology Conference (BBEST).

BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II event will devote its first day to discuss policy and the role of the low carbon bioeconomy in a sustainable world and the ways to reach it, including key debates related to finance, transport policy, demand and carbon internalization policies, and sustainability governance, that are important to foster bioenergy innovation in the context of sustainable development, considering the perspectives of all significant stakeholders. The event will further have plenary and parallel sessions, poster sessions and networking opportunities will complete the program, which will include highlights on technologies for agronomy, biotech and biomass growing; biofuel production and advanced biorefining; aviation and transport applications; sustainability and carbon cycle analysis, among others. 

We intend to showcase state-of-the-art processes and products, new trends and what is creating value and actual environmental and social benefits. Modern bioenergy vectors, such as bioelectricity and liquid biofuels, are competitive and readily available options for the urgent energy transition towards renewable energy, as imposed by global and local environmental concerns, as well as an improver of rural sector economy, social development and national energy security, in industrialized and developing countries. Yet the conventional processes for bioenergy production are well known and available, new systems for biomass production, conversion and use, more efficient, cost-effective and reliable have been developed and can be deployed to reinforce even more the bioenergy option in several contexts, including a promising and synergic integration with electric technologies in mobility.

SBBq and ADG
24-26 May 2021
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