Biomass in the net zero economy



In the current times of decarbonisation, coal is gradually getting phased out and replaced by other sustainable renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, bioenergy and etc.
Biomass and bioenergy has been part of the energy mix especially in Europe, Japan, South Korea, with biomass co-firing, dedicated biomass power, biogas and etc.  Sustainably sourced wood pellets, wood chips, and agricultural residues such as palm kernel shells and rice husks, has been utilized in place of coal in power generation, and as a route for lower greenhouse gas emission.
Countries are pledging their commitment towards the net-zero target, and  private organizations as well are initiating effort, through corporate power purchase agreement, to source for green electricity.  So how is biomass and bioenergy complementing in this pursuit?  What are the further efforts and plans towards net zero or even negative emission?
Join us in this 2 x 4 hours virtual discussion and connection with environment, energy and commercial experts to fully dissect the realms of biomass and decarbonisation, assessment of carbon footprint from pellet to power, as well as the correlation between sustainably sourced biomass and carbon neutrality.

Centre for Management Technology
20 -21 April 2021
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