Bioenergy in Finland – Updated Country Fact Sheet

According to Statistics Finland (2020), the total consumption of energy in Finland amounted to 1.36 million terajoules in 2019. The consumption of electricity totalled 86.1 terawatt hours. The consumption of fossil fuels and peat decreased in total by 7%.

The use of renewable energy grew by 1% remaining at a record high level just like in previous years. The share of wood fuels in Finland’s total energy consumption was 28% in 2019. The use of wood fuels in energy production and manufacturing grew by 2% compared with 2018. By means of various policy measures, the Finnish Government plans to channel forest-based biomass to replace fossil fuels in heating, CHP production and the manufacturing of transport biofuels and other bioliquids (Statistics Finland, 2020).

With its liquid biofuels mandate, written into law in the spring 2019, Finland is one of the few countries with a fixed biofuels policy all the way to 2030. In parallel with increasing the amount of biofuels, energy efficiency and electrification in transport are promoted as well (IEA-AMF, 2019a). While the binding renewable energy target for the transport sector set by the EU is 10%, Finland has decided on a higher national target of 30% by 2030. A quota obligation to distribute biofuels applies to distributors of road transport fuels, ensuring that this target will be met (Business Finland, 2019).

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