September 12, 2019 – A new study on different decarbonisation options in road transport now available!

Sustainable fuels could play an important role in reducing transport emissions even as electric vehicles become cheaper, says a new study.

Entitled Near-term potential of biofuels, electrofuels and battery electric vehicles in decarbonising road transport, the study is co-authored by Dr Ilkka Hannula by VTT and Dr David M. Reiner, University Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School and Assistant Director of the Energy Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge.

Among the study outcomes, there is that,

while policymakers are rightly enthusiastic about the potential for electric vehicles to cut road emissions, we should not lose sight of the limitations of such vehicles for long-haul transport and the corresponding need to also develop sustainable fuels.


Access to the press release and the study here